Trop de flagornerie tue la flagornerie

Et dire que certains autres Arabes accusent les Marocains d’être trop obséquieux – la fameuse histoire du baise-main royal qui marque les esprits à l’étranger. L’ambassadeur syrien aux Etats-Unis, qui est par ailleurs un bloggeur, postule en tout cas au sommet du podium par cette remarque lancée à un prince royal séoudien, Turki Bin Faisal, ancien chef des services de renseignements séoudiens, lors d’un séminaire à Washington sur la Syrie et le Liban:

I just arrived ten minutes ago and I was particularly delighted to discover that his Royal Highness Prince Turki is among us. I am so happy to meet you again Prince Turki and you know that I’m very.. I’m personally sincere that I hope you will not quote me on this, you are my favorite royal ever, of all nationalities, or all royal dynasties

Par ailleurs, cette scène d’un érotisme torride informe sur la volonté syrienne de rapprochement avec le capo di tutti capi séoudien…

Le sionisme, jusque dans les bordels de Pattaya (Thaïlande)

Lu dans Haaretz, l’article « What do Israeli sex tourists in Thailand really think?« :

Another interviewee, 26, went even further when he explained to Brucker about the ideological messages he insists on relaying to the prostitutes. « I give them a lot of Zionism, lots of Zionism. I talk about Israel constantly, about the army, how much I don’t like Arabs and that they shouldn’t go with Arabs? I tell them I was a paratrooper and that I fought the Arabs who killed my commander. I tell them that in Israel, radical Muslims carry out terror attacks. Somehow it isn’t easy to explain it to them, but I try. »

Le chercheur israëlien Guy Brucker, anthropologue de formation, fait ensuite un lien de causalité empiriquement douteux entre tourisme sexuel et service militaire en Israël – le Maroc est plein de touristes sexuels n’ayant jamais fait leur service militaire en Israël:

Brucker surmises that Israeli sex tourism, like domestic violence and sexist attitudes towards women, is directly connected to service in the IDF. As a combat fighter who was wounded during his service in the Israel Air Force’s elite Shaldag commando unit, and through his work at a facility researching behavior of IDF troops, Brucker sees a clear connection between IDF service and sex tourism.

« You see how we have a culture of personal glorification, of saying that who you are is related to the occupation of the other. This is how people grow, through the subjugation of others. It’s possible to see this in the way we don’t acknowledge what is happening in Gaza or the failures of the Second Lebanon War. We see these as the result of us not finishing the job, because the resistance of the prostitute was too strong. She said there was a limit to how much you can trample on her. »

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