Tel père, tel fils, même en Palestine

La défense inconditionnelle de la cause palestinienne est en de bonnes mains:

Yasser Abbas, the son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, revealed this week that he’s a self-made millionaire who started his own business shortly after the signing of the Oslo Accords.

In an interview with the Dubai-based economic magazine, Abbas’s son, who was named after former PA leader Yasser Arafat, also declared that « a majority of Palestinians, » including himself, « collaborate with Israel. »

Le devouement a la cause ne paie pas:

In the interview, the first of its kind, the 46-year-old Yasser, who is a Canadian national, claimed that 25 percent of his income went to the PA budget. In return, he said, the PA government had never offered him so much as a free airline ticket or one pill of Aspirin for his daughter. (…)

The son also revealed that he owns a number of companies (Falcon Trading Group) with an annual income of $35 million. He complained, however, that he had never received any privileges due to the fact that he’s the son of the PA president.

Sa contribution à l’édification d’une société palestinienne libre et indépendante est indéniable:

One of his smaller companies, Falcon Tobacco, has a monopoly over the marketing of US-made cigarettes such as Kent and Lucky in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, he added.

Son engagement pour une économie palestinienne indépendante et forte est inflexible:

Asked if he was doing business with Israelis, Yasser replied: « How can you get merchandise into the Gaza Strip if the Israeli and Palestinian ministers of economy don’t talk to each other? Dozens of Hamas supporters are receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. Most Palestinians collaborate with Israel, while the rest live on the rain. »

Par ailleurs, je vous rappelle qu’Abbas sr vient d’avoir une conversation des plus chaleureuses avec le militant pacifiste israëlien Benyamin Netanyahu:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, and the two enjoyed a « warm and friendly » conversation, Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

During the talk, Netanyahu « recalled the cooperation between them — and the talks that they held — in the past, and noted that he intended to do so again in the future in order to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians, » the statement said.

Abbas wished Netanyahu a Happy Passover, and agreed that both sides need to work toward peace.

Self-explanatory, comme disent les juristes anglais.

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