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  1. > « Islamist terrorists account for just under half the convictions (190 out of 384) for terrorism within the EU in 2009, »

    A tad disproportionate.

    Scratch that. It’s extremely disproportionate! Considering that, for obvious reasons, courts don’t usually bother convicting suicide bombers.

    > « It should be a matter of concern to the majority, not just those within Muslim communities themselves that mainstream political parties in countries such as France and Switzerland should be seen to pursue blatantly Islamophobic domestic policies, or propagate a strongly Islamophobic national political discourse. »

    Islam is an oppressive religion, with an indissociable political component.

    But since the debate about the matter is pretty much censored (look where it got Geert Wilders!), the French and Swiss societies are expressing the same sentiment in the clumsiest way possible.

    Systematically applying words like Islamophobia to every criticism of Islam is the reason why idiotic domestic policies emerge.

    > « Supreme Court slams State for not enforcing construction freeze orders

    Woaw, that’s a surprise. »

    I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not.

    > « While not making an outright apology for the publicatiopn of the cartoons »

    They apologized for any offense that the cartoons caused, and you still want more?

    And to think that you’re one of the « smart ones »! I suppose the average Muslim will only be satisfied if the paper is dismantled and the cartoonists self-immolate.

    > « Two members of the Mossad squad that assassinated Mahmoud al Mabhouh have entered the US on their forged UK and Irish passport – after the assassination. Hmmm. Interesting. »

    Scrutiny is nice. But why is it that we never hear a word from you about Hamas, whom ideology and methods are much more atrocious than Israel? Forging passports and killing a Hamas leader is not exactly on the same level as calling for the annihilation of a people and shooting rockets with the intention of killing civilians!

    Snap out of it!

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