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  1. Israeli soldiers who executed the victims of the mavi-marmara (and who were assigned a mission-to-kill and take control of the ship) can expect to receive the highest honors from their hierarchy, a full set of decorations + granted internal promotions… as per the israeli military tradition that can be compared to any extremist military organization from Nazis during second WW to any brutal military regime in south-east asia, africa, or in old communist european countries. we can even suggest that the north corean regime won’t take similar risks and push his soldiers to kill civilians in a similar context if ever they have to deal with… but will certainly take hostages to be exchanged against concessions.. wich is still not killing and does not reach this level of impunity.

    The danger of Israel that is totally ignored by the international community, and that was necessarily underrrated by the mavi-marmara victims and co-passengers, but certainly not by israel’s neighbors including Turkey… is that the word ‘peace’, or ‘negociation’, or a peacefull resolution or anything like that doesn’t exist in the israeli ideology, plans, reality and even it’s own perception of it’s existance…

    in this episode, Israel proved one more time that it won’t even knuckle under a peacefull humanitarian mission, don’t even think that it’s going to be the case under any type of political pressure… if it takes to kill and execute foreign militants, israel will not hesitate. what are 10 victims of execution compared with a pool of 1.5 million palestinians including children that israel sentenced many to death anytime they can ?

    the real danger behind this approach and criminal behavior is obviously not tsahal or any israeli government technically speaking, it is this zionist doctrine and conception of the israeli ‘nation’ and it’s ‘vital’ interests that are essential and fundamental in the mind of israeli fundamentalists, and common israelis in israel and outside israel with few exceptions !

    No one was able during the last decades to stop this murderous madness to be more violent, brutal, colonial and fascist in the conception of it’s own existance, and it’s certainly not those ‘invites’ for negociations that will change something… israel and all the western administrations who support it untill now did everything to impose this reality to (themselfs) and to the world, and were always ready to pay higher price and force other countries to do so to protect this choice ! politically, they can all see that it’s not viable, humanly it’s certainly not, but strategically it’s almost dead, and israelis will probably lose more than what they expect (in their worse case scenario) when the palestinian state will emerge… and it will.

    the countdown is already running.

  2. Maroc Hebdo sauve peut-être l’honneur, mais y’aura t-il un prix à payer ?
    Force est de constater que tous ceux qui expriment un sentiment, une opinion, un avis, une autre vérité que celle répétée à souhait par Israel et ses défenseurs, se voient contraints d’essuyer leur larme, revenir sur leur jugement, s’excuser … : le cas Juliette Binoche pleurant la douleur des palestiniens chez Ardisson et à laquelle le fameux intellectuel français Alain Finkielkraut lui ordonne de revoir illico son jugement , lui rétorquant que les kamimazes ne sont pas des désespérés mais bien des terroristes criminels : et bien binoche a tait ses larmes depuis.
    Aujourdui c’est le cas de Helen Thomas de la maison blanche qui quitte ses fonctions parce que a osé dire que les juifs doivent retourner chez eux : en allemagne, pologne, usa …et qu’ils sont des occupants : la démission n’a pas tardé malgré ses excuses sur son site . le comic français Bigard quant à lui, il a simplement été traité de révisonniste – chercher l’erreur – pour avoir osé exprimé des doutes sur l’attentat du 11 sepetmbre 2001 …
    Quel sera le prix à payer pour le journal hebdo ? à moins qu’on pense qu’il est insignifiant !


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