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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Maroc Blogs, pamela. pamela said: links for 2010-07-19: Exclusive: Honor Killings On the Increase? (tags: honour-crime gender jordan palestine USA … http://bit.ly/b1rGMc […]

  2. The structure of the article in the first link is somewhat bizarre. Note how a « scarf » is told to be a « hijab », to become a plain scarf again. But more importantly I don’t get the leap from a tragedy in Canada to honour killings…

    But i have a question IbnKafka, is it still tue that in Morocco, Article 418 of Penal Code grants « extenuating circumstances » to a husband who murders or injures his wife for « flagrante delicto »..?

  3. xoussef: Married men beware, because article 418 of the Moroccan penal code is gender-neutral and goes for both spouses: the wife surprising her husband in flagrante delicto could also invoke it…

  4. the wife surprising her husband in flagrante delicto could also invoke it…

    When was the last time a moroccan wife killed her husband because he dishonoured her? When was the last time a sister killed her brother because he fooled around with a girl and dishonoured the family?

  5. chouchou: well, yes, most murderers generally speaking are men, so the prohibition of murder will be of lesser hinderance to women. The same applies to article 418 of the penal code. I was not arguing the preponderance of women as perpetrators of domestic violence, just stating what the law says.

  6. ibnkafka: It might appear that way if you have no sense of proportions. Or, in your case, if you are trying to justify article 418.

  7. chouchou: keep your shirt on, doc – I’m not the one making a song-and-dance number out of article 418, I just gave a straight answer to a straight question.

  8. Ibnkafka: I’ve read somewhere of a hypothetical reform of the penal code in the pipes.. do you know if this is likely or not? I think this one article should be a strong candidate to abolishment..

  9. Possibly, but the only thing of substance I heard concerns the reduction of capital crimes and the criminalisation of some offences under international humanitarian law.


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