The most incendiary charge against Israeli NGOs: that they are funded by « Arab » money…

In the context of Israeli politics, it is the most incendiary charge made thus far against human rights groups and other left-wing nongovernmental organizations: that some of the money that funds their work comes from Arabs — or even from terrorists.

As the Knesset steams ahead with plans to probe the country’s human rights groups, critics of the NGOs are now seeking to advance this charge with a study that purports to supply supporting data.

Im Tirtzu, a right-wing group that says domestic human rights groups are undermining Israel’s legitimacy, released a report January 11 claiming to prove that money from Arab countries, organizations and funds is channeled to Israel through Palestinian charities “in order to influence internal Israeli state policies.” (Forward)

Could you even start imagining the outrage if say Moroccan media or political parties aired their concern that Moroccan human rights NGOs were funded with « Jewish » money?

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