AIPAC publie ses instructions au Congrès US

Via ce billet de MJ Rosenberg, consacré à AIPAC et aux révolutions arabes, j’ai trouvé ce document public, intitulé « AIPAC Briefing Book – 111th Congress, second session« . Daté de septembre 2010, il ne tient bien évidemment pas compte des révolutions arabes de ce début 2011.

Comme l’explique MJ Rosenberg, il y a trois bonnes raisons de suivre de près les prises de position publiques d’AIPAC:

There are three reasons why monitoring AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is a valuable use of time for anyone following events in the Middle East.

The first is that AIPAC faithfully reflects the positions of the Netanyahu government (actually it often telegraphs them before Netanyahu does).

The second is that AIPAC’s policies provide advance notice of the positions that will, not by coincidence, be taken by the United States Congress.

And third, AIPAC provides a reliable indicator of future policies of the Obama administration, which gets its « guidance » both from AIPAC itself and from Dennis Ross, former head of AIPAC’s think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and now the president’s top adviser on Middle East issues.

On a déjà vu un exemple des préoccupations majeures d’AIPAC, répercutées par la Maison Blanche, concernant l’Egypte – cf. « Egyptian Democracy Must Resist Extremism, Maintain Peace with Israel« :

  • « Rushing to elections could help the election prospects of the Muslim Brotherhood« ;
  • « The United States has made clear that the amended Egyptian constitution must ensure safeguards against undemocratic forces. « They must make absolutely clear that no political party can be committed to the overthrow of the government, can be unwilling to support an inclusive society, including Christians, women, and others, » Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said recently.« ;

Le plus marrant c’est ce paragraphe-ci, qui dit en gros que les Egyptiens sont libres de décider de leur politique du moment qu’ils choisissent celle du Likoud:

While only the Egyptians can form their own government, the United States should insist on several goals for the next Egyptian government to meet.

  • Egypt should maintain the peace treaty with Israel, including the demilitarization of the Sinai Peninsula and permission for the continued presence of the U.S.-led Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai.
  • Egypt should adhere to other contractual obligations to Israel, particularly continuing the supply of natural gas.
  • Egypt must maintain its policy of isolating Hamas in Gaza.
  • Egypt should continue to oppose Iran’s efforts to expand its regional influence – both directly and through Hizballah and Hamas.
  • Egypt must continue to oppose the global jihad of al-Qaeda and its affiliates.Egypt must keep the Suez Canal open to all shipping, including the passage of Israeli civilian and military vessels.

Je vous laisse deviner ce qu’a dit Clinton au Caire


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