L’Espagne préfère ne pas récupérer Gibraltar plutôt que de perdre Sebta & Mlilya

Lu dans The Daily Telegraph:

King Juan Carlos of Spain told Britain that Spain « did not really want » Gibraltar back as it would lead to claims from Morocco for Spanish territories in North Africa, newly declassified documents from the 1980s released by the Foreign Office reveal.

The King of Spain admitted privately in a meeting with the then British ambassador to Madrid, Sir Richard Parsons, that it was « not in Spain’s interest to recover Gibraltar in the near future ».

If it did so, « King Hassan would immediately reactivate the Moroccan claim to Ceuta and Melilla, » the monarch, who celebrated his 76th birthday on Sunday, reportedly said during the meeting in Madrid in July 1983.

L’Espagne, décidément, qui refuse un référendum d’autodétermination pour la Catalogne et le Pays basque mais l’exige pour le Sahara…

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