Du grand Chomsky: « There was no beginning to the « Clash of Civilisations » so it cannot have an end »


Comment dit-on déchirer sa race en anglais?

A déconseiller aux obamolâtres.

Q. What is your advice and recommendations for the Obama administration in relation to U.S. policy in Iraq and towards the Kurds?

A. I cannot respond. I disagree with the foundations of policy, and cannot offer advice within that framework.

C’est publié sur le site de Chomsky.

Tiens, il y a aussi ceci:

Q. « We Are Not At War With Islam », this is what Obama said during his recent visit to Turkey. Do you think, as some suggest, this new approach towards the Islamic world will be « End of the Clash of Civilisations »?

A. There was no beginning to the « Clash of Civilisations » so it cannot have an end. Simply consider the circumstances at the time when the doctrine was promulgated by Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington. The most populous Muslim state was Indonesia, a close US ally since 1965, when General Suharto carried out a murderous coup, killing hundreds of thousands of people and opening up the country’s rich resources to the industrial societies. He remained an honored friend though innumerable crimes at home and abroad, among them the invasion of East Timor, which came about as close to genocide as any event of the modern period. He remained « Our kind of guy, » as the Clinton administration declared in 1995, and maintained that status until he lost control and the US determined that his time was over. The most extreme fundamentalist Muslim state was Saudi Arabia, Washington’s oldest and most valued ally in the region. At the time Washington, was bringing to a bloody end its murderous wars in Central America, specifically targeting the Catholic Church. Its practitioners of « liberation theology » sought to bring the radical pacifist lessons of the Gospels to the peasant society that was suffering under the yoke of US-imposed tyrants. That was clearly unacceptable, and they became primary victims of Washington’s terrorist wars. One of the « talking points » of the famous School of the Americas is the proud boast that the US army « defeated liberation theology. » If we continue, we find familiar confrontations, but no « clash of civilizations » — a notion that was constructed at the end of the Cold War as a pretext for policies undertaken for other reasons, also familiar. Bush’s policies evoked enormous hostility in the Muslim world. Quite sensibly, Obama is trying to reduce the hostility, though there is no indication of a substantive change in policies or motives.

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