Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons

On the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs’ Flickr page, the pictures of the so-called weapons seized on the ships taking part in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla provide ample evidence of the deviousness of those darned anti-semitic terrorists. Be forewarned: the following pictures are not for the faint-hearted.

Exhibit A: bulletproof vests

Selon l'armée israëlienne, ce sont des armes

A slight snag though: two commentators, probably anti-semitic, point out that this photo really is from February 2006:

Blue says: In addition, IsraelMFA has to be careful with the date settings of their cameras! This picture looks like it was taken on Feb 7, 2006.. Wth?

goplayer2008 says:
EXIF data

Date and Time (Modified): 2010:06:02 10:37:58
YCbCr Positioning: Co-sited
Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
Date and Time (Original): 2006:02:07 04:49:57
Date and Time (Digitized): 2006:02:07 04:49:57

Exhibit B: an axe

Ceci est une arme de destruction massive

An axe on board a ship? Good grief.

Another commentator, probably anti-semitic as well, notices that the picture dates from 2003:

Embra says:
Tiff data: Taken on January 1, 2003. Oops!

Horror knows no bounds- exhibit C: pepper spray.

Futés ces Turcs pour utiliser des sprays au poivre toujours sous emballage

The comments display the usual hateful fanaticism one can expect from islamo-fascists:

deepvisual says:
they managed to use them while they were still in their wrappers… damn those Turks are clever..
Posted 3 hours ago.

Embra says:
Tiff data: Taken on January 1, 2003.
Posted 53 minutes ago.

docteur_nic says:
My mom must be a turrurrist. She used to carry one of those in her purse.
Posted 45 minutes ago.

Again, be forewarned: this post isn’t for the faint-hearted. Which leads us to exhibit D: a keffieh, kitchen knives, a Saudi flag, and and some CD-roms.

Do not faint just yet, because here is exhibit E: an electric saw – on a ship! Really, those terrorists really are beyond the pale.

Une scie électrique, arme de guerre

Another anti-semitic commentator spews his hateful bile:

barneygale says:
Hi. Just to confirm that the EXIF metadata points to this photo being taken in 2006:

barney@benchwood:~$ identify -verbose bab2e_o_d.jpg | grep Date
exif:DateTime: 2010:06:02 10:38:47
exif:DateTimeDigitized: 2006:02:07 05:52:19
exif:DateTimeOriginal: 2006:02:07 05:52:19

Please bear with me, because here comes exhibit F: night vision equipment, of course utterly useless on high seas.

Attention: arme de guerre!

Allow an antisemitic islamo-fascist to point out that picture’s original date:

Date and Time (Original): 2006:02:07 05:20:56
Date and Time (Digitized): 2006:02:07 05:20:56

Finally, the smoking gun as it were: aa butterfly knife of sorts, with a blade slightly shorter than a thumb, a weapon ideally suited for use against marine commandos armed with high-velocity firearms:

If all this hard evidence isn’t enough to convince you of the legitimacy of the Israeli action, I rest my case.

PS: Hurry up visiting that Flickr page, as I fear that some photos might be withdrawn soon…

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  3. That’s not even an electric saw, it is an angle grinder!! ^_^

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  5. But, surely the EXIF timestamp is only what it was set as and if the user just never set it, it would be wrong anyway, no?

  6. Holly shit.

    I have a lot of such things in my garage.
    Certainly, i need to be a terrorist.

  7. Wait, maybe its not the pipe-cutting saw in Exhibit E. These flowers in the background … Roses? AHA. These tewwsts are deliberately trying to mislead us by having roses aboard. Good we did not let us fooled.

  8. Exhibit D CHAINS. Why chains aboard a ship? Pre-planned WMD!

  9. Ah Ah, encore une belle désinformation contre le bateau.

  10. You accuse every commentator of being ‘anti-sematic’ yet you call others ‘islamo-fascist’ (creative)….you sound like a playground bully and extremely stupid by saying such things!

  11. These pictures were taken by a Nikon D2Xs camera. The internal clock on these starts in 2006-01-01, according to the manual.

    So, the cameraman in the IDF changed the batteries 2 months ago and did not reset the time.

  12. THANK YOU for pointinng this out, i’ve been trying to get people to report on this! Also look at:

    Pictures of weapons found aboard the Mavi Marmara

    Pepper spray photo exif data:
    Taken on
    January 1, 2003 at 2.33pm IST
    Posted to Flickr
    June 1, 2010 at 12.49PM IDT

    Date and Time (Modified): 2003:01:01 14:33:31
    YCbCr Positioning: Co-sited
    Date and Time (Original): 2003:01:01 14:33:31
    Date and Time (Digitized): 2003:01:01 14:33:31
    World Time Location: Hometown
    Hometown City: New York <—
    Destination City: New York <—
    Hometown DST: No

    In other photos, you can see the name of the artist, who is IDF, has a facebook page boasting about his photos and video(I personally wouldn't boast as the videos are almost as bad as the photos – one that appeared in Haaretz of a passenger w/a knife was blatantly photoshopped…knife was added) You can also see that the Artist used PhotoshopCS4 on a Macintosh computer.

  13. perhaps they are too stupid to set the correct time in their cam.

  14. And the 2003 images were taken by a Pentax Optio 550 camera, which have a default system clock time of 2003-01-01.

  15. […] he was throwing it, and a set of binoculars that could easily be converted into a ray-gun.”Some bloggers have pointed out that the dates associated with the Flickr photos are old — from about 2003 […]

  16. Amazing what you can find by looking in the user’s manual of a camera.

  17. So the photographer didn’t set the date on the camera, and you’re convinced it’s fakery. LOL!

    And you have the teremity to imply others are being niave..

  18. Yes, yes…the timestamp of a picture cannot possibly be wrong, and all the world’s digital cameras synchronize their clocks with a global caesium-based time server.

    Ibn Kafka is muddying the (international) waters instead of presenting the big picture. Islamofascisme oblige!

  19. I’d like to see a poll. Whose camera is set to the correct date and whose isn’t? My admittedly crappy one always resets the date to 2004 whenever the batteries are removed. Most of the time I don’t care and update it.

  20. These pictures are taken with a Nikon D2Xs.
    This camera was brought to the market in June 2006, so a time stamp « 2006:02:07 » (i. e.: February 2006) doesn’t make much sense.
    Omri’s comment sounds quite reasonable: IDF-cameraman changed batteries 2 months ago and did not reset the time.

  21. they phonyed some video footage of a celebration in palestine and replayed it as news on cnn from 911 to try and spin people as haters which they are not.
    it is a usual tactic to blatenly lie and plant false info on the airwave by media…or they wouldn’t get away with massacres for 60+ years with other peoples money.

  22. […] Some bloggers have pointed out that the dates associated with the Flickr photos are old — from about 2003 — but digital cameras are often set to the incorrect date. […]

  23. omris comments prove nothing………
    how come such a foollish mistake would be made…..
    are the all morons in israel….
    this was very important for them why would they make such a mistake.
    nope nope the israelis would ont make such a mistake

    unless they are unadulterated in bred fools…
    is this what omnri is saying?

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  25. of course they had to use three different cameras in three different locations to photograph stuff taken from the ‘same’ boat

    besides, the red crescent on a white background is the symbol of …. drum roll please…. the red crescent!!
    wow so the IFRC is a terrorist organization as well?!

  26. Does the owners manual also say that the default location is set to New York?

    Sorry, but at very least, the fact they did not set the camera to the correct time and date to DOCUMENT weapons aboard a ship in which they just killed several foreign nationals in international waters, shows how careless they are.

    If they had real evidence that this was an act of terrorism, they wouldnt be releasing crappy undated photos and poorly edited videos. They didn’t expect scrutiny, because the Israeli govt operates w/impunity.

    One could also easily argue that they reset the cameras to avoid date stamping. Or are you suggesting that the IDF Commandos and Naval forces are completely incompetent and poorly trained?

  27. They are not claiming this was evidence of terrorism. They are saying 1. there was contraband on board, and the flak jackets and night vision goggles are in fact contraband for blockades, and 2. the passengers wanted to riot, which this pile of weapons proves without a doubt. And the fact they they used cameras without the clocks reset shows that the soldiers on board had other things to think about.

  28. It’s unlikely the pictures were faked – if they were, the IDF would surely have come up with something more incriminating than a small selection of hardware that you’d find in any toolshed.

    The real story here is that the IDF want us to believe that the presence of a small hatchet, a kitchen knife and an angle grinder on board a ship somehow proves that it was harbouring a terrorist invasion force.

    If Israel ever find out I’ve got a blunt boxcutter, a hammer and a pair of garden shears in my cupboard, they’ll probably bomb my house…

  29. […] Some bloggers have pointed out that the dates associated with the Flickr photos are old — from about 2003 — but digital cameras are often set to the incorrect date. […]

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  31. « They are saying […] the passengers wanted to riot, which this pile of weapons proves without a doubt. »

    Seriously, kitchen knifes, an angle grinder, a fire ax, pepper spray… A « pile of weapons ». « Proving their desire to riot. » You gotta be f$cking kidding, aren’t you? This spin is so over the top, I can’t find words for it… What should they use to cut their vegetables? A spoon?

  32. « The real story here is that the IDF want us to believe that the presence of a small hatchet, a kitchen knife and an angle grinder on board a ship somehow proves that it was harbouring a terrorist invasion force. »

    That is not what the IDF wants you to believe. What the IDF wants you to believe, and what the photos and video of the raid prove without doubt, is that a substantion number of the passengers on this boat were itching for a big fight.

  33. @omri

    TITLE: Weapons found aboard the Mavi Marmara


    no they are definitely not suggesting anything… they’re saying it out loud

    there is no clear definition to what constituted a contraband. Israel has no right to create such a list since it’s blockade is illegal according to the UN human rights council

    Cliquer pour accéder à A-HRC-S-12-NGO4.pdf

  34. According to a blog from an idiot that doesn’t realize that Exif info is often wrong because people don’t set the internal clocks on their cameras (esp. after changing batteries).

  35. Just like to remind you that the same « intelligence » service faked passports for assassination games in Dubai. Not that one could draw any conclusions from that…..

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  38. Each one of these « weapons » is something found on any ship.
    So well armed soldiers shot almost 50 people, killing nine because a few on the boat were fighting against their ship being forcibly boarded with deck chairs and sticks.

  39. These weapons are from 2 years ago.
    These are fake.

  40. @able
    Actually, the footage of the Palestinians dancing in the streets was shot by Reuters, not Israel. It was quite genuine. The story that it was from 1991 (invasion of Kuwait) is absurd on its face since there are post 1991 cars in it and the Palestinians are talking about Osama bin-Ladin.

    So for any Americans feeling sorry for the Palestinians. Remember that they danced in the streets on 9/11.

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  42. Man those are soem dangerous weapons, I can’t believe the IDF even took on Hezbollah with all their real weapons.

  43. They were attacked in International waters by a military force operating outside International Law. How the passengers responded to this provocation is completely irrelevant to the argument. They had as much right to defend their vessel as any crew whether it be an attack from Somali pirates or from the « MOST MORAL ARMY IN THE WORLD ».

  44. Questions . . .

    If these photos were faked, how do you explain the videos?

    Have any of you ever worked for the government? Every detail is looked over for matters of secrecy. It’s very likely that the metadata were scrubbed before release. Can any of you honestly say you’re anonymous?

    If the soldiers were out for blood, why were they carrying paintball guns? Why didn’t they fire after having grenades lobbed at them?

  45. Poorly edited videos?!!? Have you ever taken video off of a boat in low light?

    My goodness, people are stupid. Refuse what you want . . . it’s your right. Then watch the videos. They speak for themselves.

    The Israeli soldiers are the clear victims here.

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  47. And the blood on the « butterfly knife » is of course from butterflys.

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  49. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-for ever.” – George Orwell

  50. […] blogger Ibn Kafka posts pictures published on the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs’ Flickr page, allegedly of […]

  51. […] Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons Publié le juin 2, 2010 par ibnkafka […]

  52. Omri is right, you just don’t want to recognize the facts. The ship cargo was supposedly « humanitarian aid », and in that context and the fact that there is a blockade in force, those items were not to be found nowhere in that specific ship. Those facts and that context made them illegal. Not to mention the other footage where it is clearly seen that the « innocent » « peace activists » on top of the ship were clearly organized not to defend themselves from possible attacks from the soldiers, but completely the opposite, to attack the soldiers as soon as they could, without giving them any other option but to defend themselves. You just see what you want to see, no matter what is shown to you.

  53. C’mon folks, these are highly trained commandos, you can’t possibly expect them to know how to work a digital camera! I mean really, why would they even need to document the correct date anyway? Its not like we have any reason to doubt their fearless leaders, right? Cut them some slack, they’re too busy training on how to point and shoot their weapons at peoples forehead. You guys are just silly I tell you. They are talented though, I hear they’re also into acting. They did a recreation of the scene (from their perspective of course) and are parading it out there as if it were the real deal. Those guys!

  54. […] Proof that Israel has lied repeatedly about its recent massacre of Gaza Freedom Flotilla protesters–a collection of images of seized weapons offered by the ministry of foreign affairs as evidence of ill intent on the part of the ship’s passengers. One problem: the image data of the photos shows that they were in fact created years ago. Other released photos have depicted kitchen knives, wrenches, and other peaceful implements. More from the Guardian: “The Israeli army has all but admitted that the activists did not have guns of their own before the raid. Army spokeswoman Avital Leibovich said two pistols were seized from activists but these had been taken from the troops raiding the boat.” […]

  55. So we have

    Date and Time (Original): 2006:02:07 04:49:57
    Date and Time (Digitized): 2006:02:07 04:49:5
    Tiff data: Taken on January 1, 2003.
    exif:DateTimeDigitized: 2006:02:07 05:52:19
    exif:DateTimeOriginal: 2006:02:07 05:52:19

    I thought the camera defaults to 1-1-2006, however the date as show was 2-7-2006.

    Then we see other images with dates like this:
    Date and Time (Original): 2010:05:31 20:05:04
    Date and Time (Digitized): 2010:05:31 20:05:04

    All this a side. How all these so-called « weapons » threaten elite soldiers wearing vests carrying guns, supported by choppers and vessels?

  56. The pictures aren’t fake. It’s extremely naive to think otherwise.

    Was the IDF right in responding by live fire to knives, axes, sticks and stones? I don’t know. But many of the people on these boats were very belligerent and refused to follow maritime blockade protocol. Many of them viewed it as martyrdom and were looking for an altercation. Is it not suicide to use slingshots and batons against soldiers who are armed to the teeth? What did they expect? That the Israelis would give them marshmallows for attempting to break the blockade?

    If there was not blockade, such a clusterfuck wouldn’t happen. But then again, if there was no Hamas hell-bent on the destruction of Israel, there would be no blockade.

    The people onboard those ships were not peacenicks! It’s a sample from the Arab street (and Erdogan’s Islamist crowd).

  57. to all Israeli pros, about the video the soldier being thrown, how do you possibly know that the soldier was thrown in the first place? i mean, before they descended down, there must be another troupe went on the boat first which shocked everyone. u can’t blindly go down from a chopper unless everything down there was clear and safe to land down.

  58. Ireland asks Israel for safe passage to Gaza…

    (CNN) — The Irish government is asking that Israel not interfere with an Irish-owned ship en route to Gaza to deliver humanitarian cargo. But an Israeli government official who spoke on background because of the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue tol…

  59. Gaza flotilla: How Israel's ministry of foreign affairs fakes ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  60. I’m not very sophisticated as far as new fangled photography is concerned but it appears to be daylight in the video where the poor idf soldier gets tossed overboard. This was a pre-dawn raid most of the video from « the terrorists » shows darkness outside. Is it possible to make night into day with a camera?

  61. […] artykuł: Gaza flotilla: How Israel's ministry of foreign affairs fakes … Tags: exif-data, flickr, flickr-june, idt, ist, posted, spray-photo, taken Comments RSS […]

  62. O poor Israel, suffering from the hideous reaction her true face imputes to no Jews. I’m glad for Israel’s latest attempt to shit on world opinion, and punish Turkey for negotiating a way forward with Iran. Anyone supporting Israel is an enemy to the remainder of the world’s inhabitants. Jews may expect now to be hated and shunned. I don’t know any American who can stomach them. But look on the bright side: you might get that Holohoax you’ve been claiming is God’s own truth all along. Then you’ll be vindicated. And trust me when I say you are for good reason hated.

  63. The Jews have had there fun in the sun. Dusk comes quickly. Expect reprisals. I’ll be drinking a German wine. I know of several Jews who have faced reprisals already. Ordinary Jews–big noses and bad looks.

  64. Why not just release the entire military video or bulk of video they confiscated from the numerous journalists on board UNeditted, with sound, raw. If there were even a remote possiblity they were in the right, they would have done that by now. Instead they have released clips without sound and one with sound but no real picture of what’s going on.

    The nightvision video, for instance, that shows the soilders being beaten also shows a soilder shoot someone in the face. The videos and pictures they’ve released do not provide conclusive evidence at all.

    Passengers have said the soldiers were shooting before they boarded the ship, which meshes with the raw video footage shown on Turkish television.
    The reporter states that 2 people have already been injured by munitions.The gunfire is coming from above and in the water. Frame by frame you can see where the live fire is coming from.

    This is not the case with the military video. There is no sound, and it starts as soldiers are repelling. The circled « firebomb » looks superimposed.

    It’s no wonder people think these pics are fake, the videos released seem as if they are hiding something.

  65. About 99% of you are (expletive deleted)! To the 1% that see reality, this is not for you:

    Congrats: You are Israeli or love the « state » of Israel. You would give anything, your soul, love, truth or humanity to defend her. You would you support the usurping of another peace wanting people of their land, for your « country ». You would starve and slaughter anyone that came between you and your goal. You would place indigenous people into an open air prison so that you can reap the rewards of occupation. You would kill people that intend to help them because you need to be in control. You would ignore and chastise anyone that disagrees with your decisions.

    My name is Dean and I am a while male from Canada. EVERYONE is important to me and I do not discriminate. I do, however, take exception to the brutal and unnecessary homicides that occurred on Monday.

    Facts: Murders happened in international waters against peaceful aide workers that defended against piracy. At least 9 (possibly 19) aide workers killed. (This comment is based on the IOF videos and general world consensus).

    To encourage, incite or engage in, violence against any person, whether friend or foe, is completely destructive. Dialogue and mutual understanding is key to resolve disputes.

    To the 1% on this blog that get mutual cooperation, kudos. To the other 99%, look at yourself and think about whether you would want your family to die under the guise of safety, meaning, realistically, ethnic cleansing…

    PEACE! please

  66. hahahah, very good.

    Iam lolin about your sense of humor, not the deaths on board the vessel thee other day.

  67. The photos are fake.even if they somehow prove they aren’t hardware and kitchen stuff cannot be used in terrorist activities.

  68. A comment about the bulletproof vests – they are imprinted with the red crescent, which is one of three symbols protecting health care institutions etc. – it’s not a symbol of Turkey or the like. See the international red cross organization:

  69. Heh – the flickr photos are all reduced, in which case the date is not necessarily of the original.

    And why would the Israeli’s want to fake the date on a cutting tool or on kitchen knives?

    The real question is why didn’t the leftists and Islamists give the aid to the UN for distribution???

    (answer: because its for Hamas, the fascist repressive state apparatus).

  70. I thought Europeans were all smart and sophisticated like?

    There are only two answers to a post like this:

    1) You are a retard.

    2) You are a liar

    There are no other options. Pick and choose with that might European brain of yours, lawl….

  71. The images in question were taken with a D2Xs camera.

    Here’s a link to the press release on the Nikon site about the D2Xs being released in June 2006.

    EXIF data shows images were taken before that. Could it be that the camera’s time and date were not set? Naah, Israel must have time travel ability.

    Visit and read more about the so called humanitarian crisis and other lies.

  72. First, for all those paid shills on here, go wank off somewhere else.
    We KNOW there is a paid campaign of thousands of dim-witted people to clutter up legitimate articles like this one with worthless baiting. Tiresome.

    1) The EXIF data is not updated by photo-editing software.
    2) Those cameras have separate batteries for the clock, usually, for sure on the Nikon D2XS. The clock is set once, and the clock battery lasts years. I can’t believe commandos who were ‘Only there to document the event’ would conveniently forget to set the clock on the camera, or have someone else who was easily more intelligent than these thugs, to do the same.
    3) On what they take photos of alone, it shows there was no reason to begin firing on the ships from the very beginning. That is an act of war.

    I would like people to remember these monsters complain about you while they are stabbing you in the back. They have themselves no moral backbone.

  73. […] was added) You can also see that the Artist used PhotoshopCS4 on a Macintosh computer… FOR A BUNCH OF MEGALOMANIACS THAT BELIEVE THEY ARE INTELECTUALLY SUPEROIOR ,THEY SURE DO A LOT OF […]

  74. israel, israel…

    you used to be david. but now you are goliath.

  75. This camera was announced on June 1st 2006

    and was on market later.

    This picture was not taken on febuary 2006, it’s impossible

    It’s the same about the Pentax 550 :
    anounced in febuary 2003, the pictures could not have been taken on January 1st 2003 with this camera.

    Cameraman just changed battery/reset the camera on the same day without setting the date.

    Check and do some research before saying they publish false information !

  76. @Omri: « They are not claiming this was evidence of terrorism. They are saying 1. there was contraband on board, and the flak jackets and night vision goggles are in fact contraband for blockades, »
    – Where and when did they say that? They did say « attacking with prepared weapons. »

    « 2. the passengers wanted to riot, which this pile of weapons proves without a doubt. »
    – Huh? First question: Where were these props found? Which ship? Wrenches in the engine room? Any such ship in the world without a grinder? Vision equipment in the steering hut maybe?

    « they used cameras without the clocks reset shows that the soldiers on board had other things to think about. »
    – Why do you think the pictures were taken during the raid? How come the daylight? Anyway, setting the time right could have been done two months in advance, with the battery change, not? Another « preparatiion » thing.

  77. the camera was released for sale in june 06

    unless israel has the power of time travel (and maybe they do) there is no way the photos were taken in 2/06

    but nice try

    im still waiting for the vids that the passengers said they would release that prove the idf came onboard blasting away

  78. […] Gaza flotilla: How Israel's ministry of foreign affairs fakes … […]

  79. The photos were taken by cameras that were manufactured in 2003 and 2006, so it may be possible that when the photos were taken they still had the dates from the purchase date.

    However, it doesn’t really matter when the photos were taken. The point is that they are FAKE!

    The only ones that are not fake are the ones that have nothing hide like kitchen knives and such.

    When will Israel and the US become the axis of evil, instead of accusing others of it?

  80. The « electric saw » is not a saw but an angle grinder, here without the plastic cap near the handle, and without the sanding paper. The photo is staged and the apparatus is held in such a way that it suggests to be a saw. Very stupid propaganda. Here a picture of a grider like that:

  81. Let me see if I get this… a bunch of sociopaths who kill for a living, rappel onto a humanitarian aid vessel (which had already been inspected in Turkey), in international waters.

    Their defense is that they were enforcing a blockade – a blockade which in and of itself is illegal under international law (an Occupying Power cannot blockade its zone of control without UNSC resolutions).

    Next time, I hope there is someone with a Stinger or an M87 50-cal or an RPG on board – or at the very least a whaling harpoon. Blow a couple of sociopath-bearing choppers out of the sky (in self-defence, in international waters) and wathc the wailing about terrrrrrrrrrrism…

    Deleted racial slurs – Ibn Kafka

  82. […] ship, however many people from around the world have noted that these images appear to be faked. Analysis of forgery and yet […]

  83. And remember, the so called « abduction » of British navy personell by Iran in 2007 in ‘disputed’ waters caused a global uproar, with immediate demands for prisoner’s release. The EU even called it « state terrorism »!

  84. OMG!!! OMG!!! Isn’t those some box cutters in that one photo? OMG!!!! OMG!!

    They probably got them at « Bin Laden’s Hardware » where the 9/11 hijackers got the ones used on that day?

    OMG!!! OMG!!!

    And the American sheeple reply, « Baaaa…. Baaaaa, Baaa.. What’s that, you got some more trash on that drunken slut Lindsey.. Oh Goody!!!! »

  85. The photos are no fake. If those photos were faked we would at least see fireweapons and not the content of a tool chest. Conderning the bullet prrof vests – these are from the turish red cross. So everyone working for the turkish red cross and wearing these vests for self protection is by israelinan definiton a terrorist. I allways thought that those red cross guys had something to hide.

  86. […] på internationellt vatten, kidnappar dessa – om de inte mördat dem innan – och genom bruk av lögner och fabricerade bevis hävdar att de gör det för att försvara sitt […]

  87. […] funcionam e toda a sua máquina de mentira e engano, o artigo do Political Theatrics [original aqui Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons] ajuda e muito a entender a política suja do Estado Sionista, creio que é o nome correcto, uma […]

  88. I’m surprised the didn’t give them the USS Liberty treatment. At least they could blame all this on Iran and start the big one.

  89. This is what the ship’s passengers were chanting before setting out. Soem « humanitarians » these guys.

  90. Illegal blockade, forged passports, assasinations in foreign countries, illegal weapons used in Gazza, what does it take to wake up a Zionist American?
    Obama obviously speaks the truth also, just like Bush, are you really this blind?

  91. Haha, that’s funny, thanks for sharing. Localhost deniers got PEPPER SPRAYS and SAW!!! Omg, shoot them all.

  92. Wow, that’s a great chant, glad you published it. I’m going to remember it. Khaibar, khaibar oh jews, the army of Muhammad will return. And you zios better remember it too.

  93. A jerk named Rosenberg of Media Matters published a Muffington Post piece. He thinks the flotilla was just like the civil rights demonstrations of the 60s in the U.S.:

    “In other words, the activists [the peace-loving passengers on board the attempted blockade busters] were like the civil rights demonstrators who sat down at segregated lunch counters throughout the South and refused to leave until they were served. Their goal was not really to get breakfast. It was to end segregation.”

    Yes folks, the enemies within really are that crazy. Funny, I really don’t remember the civil rights demonstrators beating the lunch counter employees with metal pipes and chairs.

  94. Israel VS Genocide – Islamic Arab campaign of Genocide against Israel and Jews since (at least the 1920s).

  95. […] more serious are indications that some of the photos are not from the Mavi Marmara, but were taken years earlier in some cases.  Even if this is not the case, the fact that there are not photos of offensive weapons or weapons […]

  96. As for the legality of the blockade:

    Reuters asks some international law experts whether Israel acted legally, and on all aspects of the operation, they agree that Israel was on solid legal ground:
    Yes it can, according to the law of blockade which was derived from customary international law and codified in the 1909 Declaration of London. It was updated in 1994 in a legally recognized document called the “San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea.”
    Under some of the key rules, a blockade must be declared and notified to all belligerents and neutral states, access to neutral ports cannot be blocked, and an area can only be blockaded which is under enemy control.
    “On the basis that Hamas is the ruling entity of Gaza and Israel is in the midst of an armed struggle against that ruling entity, the blockade is legal,” said Philip Roche, partner in the shipping disputes and risk management team with law firm Norton Rose.
    Under the U.N. Convention of the Law of the Sea a coastal state has a “territorial sea” of 12 nautical miles from the coast over which it is sovereign. Ships of other states are allowed “innocent passage” through such waters.
    There is a further 12 nautical mile zone called the “contiguous zone” over which a state may take action to protect itself or its laws.
    “However, strictly beyond the 12 nautical miles limit the seas are the “high seas” or international waters,” Roche said.
    The Israeli navy said on Monday the Gaza bound flotilla was intercepted 120 km (75 miles) west of Israel. The Turkish captain of one of the vessels told an Istanbul news conference after returning home from Israeli detention they were 68 miles outside Israeli territorial waters.
    Under the law of a blockade, intercepting a vessel could apply globally so long as a ship is bound for a “belligerent” territory, legal experts say.
    Under international law it can use force when boarding a ship.
    “If force is disproportionate it would be a violation of the key tenets of the use of force,” said Commander James Kraska, professor of international law at the U.S. Naval War College.
    Israeli authorities said marines who boarded the Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara opened fire in self-defense after activists clubbed and stabbed them and snatched some of their weapons.
    Legal experts say proportional force does not mean that guns cannot be used by forces when being attacked with knives.
    “But there has got to be a relationship between the threat and response,” Kraska said.
    The use of force may also have other repercussions.
    “While the full facts need to emerge from a credible and transparent investigation, from what is known now, it appears that Israel acted within its legal rights,” said J. Peter Pham, a strategic adviser to U.S. and European governments.

    No, as under international law it was considered a state action.
    “Whether what Israel did is right or wrong, it is not an act of piracy. Piracy deals with private conduct particularly with a pecuniary or financial interest,” Kraska said.

  97. […] Gaza flotilla: How Israel's ministry of foreign affairs fakes … […]

  98. So the beating up video was filmed with night vision? For some reason it does not look like it. For some reason it looks staged. Really,really staged.

  99. […] – A report has surfaced calling the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs photos of weapons onboard Turkish […]

  100. Fred Beloit:

    MJ Rosenberg is the former « editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum. » If he thinks Israel’s actions look that bad, it’s worth paying attention.

    And in fact, the white segregationist racists who were opposed to civil rights were constantly accusing nonviolent black protestors of carrying weapons and inciting violence. For example:

    « The Richmond News Leader ran front page photographs a few days after the violence showing Danville Police Chief Eugene McCain in front of a table with weapons with the caption, « taken from Negro demonstrators. » The photograph showed ice picks, a baseball bat, and other weapons, and suggested to readers that the police were the victims of African American violence. »

  101. Im glad they beat the living piss out of those pirate IDF!!

    LOL @ IDF video calling them Rioters. They looked like a bunch of scared confused people wanting to protect themselves.

  102. Pls do not bovine excrement around cameras and their clocks. I tried the theory changing the battery and whooopsy a reset happens to anno tobacco. I tried it with all my cameras. Changed the batteries, checked the time and drum rolls please all the clocks showed the correct time, NO RESET. To be honest I never heard for any camera that you have to set the time again after battery change. You could not sell such a camera if you need to redo timesetting after battery change. Those Photos were taken in 2006.

  103. Ernst, what cameras were you using? If they had working secondary batteries, then changing the primaries does not reset the clock. But cheaper cameras don’t have them, and 4 years is more than enough time for the secondary batteries to die.

  104. « Im glad they beat the living piss out of those pirate IDF!! »

    Sure is a classy thing to say. Do you enjoy watching 8 men attack one man with clubs and knives?

  105. […] agree, though, that is does seem like an honest mistake. Erm what? Honest mistake? According to this site the EXIF data of the photos varies by several years. That suggests either different cameras all […]

  106. […] The rest is here: Gaza flotilla: How Israel's ministry of foreign affairs fakes … […]

  107. […] the funny stuff… Some site was attempteing to show the photos of this "humanitarian" stuff as being fake…Apparently […]

  108. Israel’s position from here forward should be this; when we draw lines in the sand/water/wherever you had better respect them. Test us and you run a strong risk of getting your @$$ handed to you on a platter.

  109. […] which was as sloppy as the tale they tried to spin.  For example, it was discovered that pictures of some of the “weapons” they claimed to have confiscated and displayed were taken […]

  110. Ibn Kafka, by the way, I greatly respect the way you do not censor comments merely because they disagree with you.

  111. […] it seems like they may have been from 2006? And they said the Mossad was supposed to be […]

  112. Nnice site and looking very beautiful and informative

  113. Hi there,

    I’d be interested in your response to stilgherrian’s story on this in Crikey here:

    Waves, and thanks 🙂

  114. […] Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons « Ibn Kafk…. June 3rd, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments are closed | […]

  115. If Hamas cares so much for the wellbeing of Palestinians and deserves to receive this aid (which they sell it at a huge profit to poor Palistinians), then why is Hamas throwing Palestinians from the roof of high-rise buildings?

    Not only Israel, but the whole democratic world should declare war on Hamas.

  116. IMG_9229

    and this photo of a facebook page frm today was taken at 2006 also?

    you stupid fuck, its teh date and time that is set in the camera, have yuou never used a digital camera with the wrong date and time?


  117. ‎president obama and bush in the oval office
    appearantly it happened at 2008, a year before obama was elected
    well according to fickr
    actrually no
    but the con artists of the hamas and the floilla say it did‎


  118. not faked. simply date and time in camera was wrong
    check this photo of president obama
    appearantly taken in .. 2008?


  119. […] […]

  120. […] stängdes den snart ned. Som tur är har vår svenskspråkige marockanske vän sparat allt på sin sida . Juan Cole länkar i ovanlänkade post till en annan sida som också demonstrerar bildernas […]

  121. the videos of IDF soldiers fast roping to the deck only to be immediately swarmed and attacked are pretty clear. The IHH has links to extremist and terrorist groups, as WSJ editorial makes clear. Theres no question that the organizers intended on inciting a confrontation, as evidenced by what happened when the IDF landed on the ship. The nature of weapons is less relevant than the fact that those onboard orchestrated a premeditated ambush.

  122. Just for the record: San Remo Manual on International Law

    Israel did not sign that international treaty (as so many others) and has therefore no right what so ever, to claim any right that is granted by it.

  123. […] probably softened up with rubber bullets, smoke bombs, tear gas; the provenance is in question of pictures of weapons supposedly found on the boats and posted on Flickr by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs; the Americans appeared to confirm […]

  124. Those aren’t CD-ROMs, they’re saw blades…sitting next to a saw. And here’s footage of them using them to cut railing to use as weapons;

  125. […] probably softened up with rubber bullets, smoke bombs, tear gas; the provenance is in question of pictures of weapons supposedly found on the boats and posted on Flickr by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs; the Americans appeared to confirm […]

  126. […] probably softened up with rubber bullets, smoke bombs, tear gas; the provenance is in question of pictures of weapons supposedly found on the boats and posted on Flickr by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs; the Americans appeared to confirm […]

  127. The site is an pretty Obvious fake and not the Isreali government’s. A little basic investigation reveals it.

    Start at the linked site

    School Damaged by Hamas Rocket Fire in Ashkelon

    Go to profile

    Click on the right pic
    Korsana Aslını Gösteren Fotomanipulasyon
    Is that something anyone would think an israeli governmen would post to Flickr? No one with 1/2 a brain cell would think so, but just to illustrat further click on the uploader and look at the next pic

    insani yardım ?!

    The site is an obvious fraud by some anti-Israel activist.

  128. […] Und auch an von Israel veröffentlichten Fotos von den angeblich gefährlichen Waffen auf der Mavi Marmara, wo unter anderem noch in der Verpackung eingeschweistes Pfefferspray, CDs, Küchenmesser aus der Schiffskantine, Murmeln, ein Palästinensertuch, schusssichere Westen, Ferngläser, eine Axt aus einem Werkeugkoffer und eine Flex gezeigt wurden, erwiesen sich wenig überzeugend, denn die automatisch von der Kamera gespeicherten Datumsangaben deuteten zum Teil auf viele Jahre alte Fotos hin. […]

  129. […] probably softened up with rubber bullets, smoke bombs, tear gas; the provenance is in question of pictures of weapons supposedly found on the boats and posted on Flickr by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs; the Americans appeared to confirm […]

  130. […] probably softened up with rubber bullets, smoke bombs, tear gas; the provenance is in question of pictures of weapons supposedly found on the boats and posted on Flickr by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs; the Americans appeared to confirm […]

  131. […] Ibn Kafka’s blog we know that even these photographs are deliberately doctored and misleading.  Let’s belabor […]

  132. I dont understand why it is so important if the photos a real or faked because the so called weapons are not lethal at all. Maybe the axe but i think its normal to have an axe on a board in case of emergency
    They had no guns so what the fuck? Innocent people with no connection to any terrorist organisation were shot and wounded in international waters and they were all civilians. Isreal is fully responsible for this massacre and the whole world knows it. They try to lie and spin out of this mess they made but its impossible for the goverment of Isreal to change the truth. Their story is a big lie. Everybody who think that the government tells the truth should get some information besides the propaganda from Isreal.

  133. I don’t understand this constant assertion of San Remo as some kind of justification for what is essentially state terrorism. But let’s examine its provisions anyway.

    Part III, Section I, paragraph 38: « In any armed conflict the right of the parties to the conflict to choose methods or means of warfare is not unlimited. » This applies to those engaged in the conflict, which is implicitly assumed, in Israeli apologia, to be Israel and the stateless entity of Gaza. But its implications can be generalized. Even if we grant Israel the right to examine the flotilla’s cargo, that right doesn’t extend to armed capture as a first recourse.

    39: « Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between civilians or other protected persons and combatants and between civilian or exempt objects and military objectives. »

    40: « In so far as objects are concerned, military objectives are limited to those objects which by their nature, location, purpose or use make an effective contribution to military action and whose total or partial destruction, capture or neutralization, in the circumstances ruling at the time, offers a definite military advantage. » If night vision equipment, an electric saw, pepper spray, and flak jackets offer Gazan belligerents enough of a military resource that by being deprived of such a cache a definite military advantage would accrue to Israel then let the Israeli authorities state so explicitly, instead of through innuendo.

    47: « The following classes of enemy vessels are exempt from attack: … e) passenger vessels when engaged only in carrying civilian passengers;
    (f) vessels charged with religious, non-military scientific or philanthropic missions, vessels collecting scientific data of likely military applications are not protected…. » If someone could explain to me how this vessel doesn’t qualify as philanthropic, I’d be much obliged, and, frankly, surprised.

    Section IV, Section II, paragraph 94: « The declaration [of a blockade] shall specify the commencement, duration, location, and extent of the blockade and the period within which vessels of neutral States may leave the blockaded coastline. » Israel hasn’t fulfilled this obligation and what this means in terms of the blockade’s legality I do not know. I need only ask whether the UN and Amnesty International consider the blockade legal. They don’t. I’m inclined to believe them.

    Paragraph 102: « The declaration or establishment of a blockade is prohibited if:

    (a) it has the sole purpose of starving the civilian population or denying it other objects essential for its survival; or
    (b) the damage to the civilian population is, or may be expected to be, excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated from the blockade. » I’ve never been able to interpret this blockade as anything but collective punishment, and neither have Israeli authorities. Putting Gazans on a « diet, » for example.

    Paragraph 103: « If the civilian population of the blockaded territory is inadequately provided with food and other objects essential for its survival, the blockading party must provide for free passage of such foodstuffs and other essential supplies, subject to:

    (a) the right to prescribe the technical arrangements, including search, under which such passage is permitted; and
    (b) the condition that the distribution of such supplies shall be made under the local supervision of a Protecting Power or a humanitarian organization which offers guarantees of impartiality, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross. » This is the only provision I can identify which partially exculpates Israel, assuming that in the discourse of international jurisprudence, the Free Gaza movement doesn’t qualify as impartial. Also, Israel never agreed to lift their arbitrary embargo, only to have the cargo shipped to Ashdod and then given to the Red Cross after inspection and vetting. If the blockading party fails to meet these conditions, does that vitiate the responsibility of the flotilla to meet Israel’s « prescribed technical arrangements? » I don’t know.

    Part V, Section II, paragraph 120: « A neutral merchant vessel is exempt from the exercise of the right of visit and search if it meets the following conditions:

    (a) it is bound for a neutral port;
    (b) it is under the convoy of an accompanying neutral warship of the same nationality or a neutral warship of a State with which the flag State of the merchant vessel has concluded an agreement providing for such convoy;
    (c) the flag State of the neutral warship warrants that the neutral merchant vessel is not carrying contraband or otherwise engaged in activities inconsistent with its neutral status; and
    (d) the commander of the neutral warship provides, if requested by the commander of an intercepting belligerent warship or military aircraft, all information as to the character of the merchant vessel and its cargo as could otherwise be obtained by visit and search. » As the flotilla was inspected by both the Greek and Turkish governments, Turkey being a NATO ally no less, Israel should, I believe, have asked the flotilla’s commander of its cargo and been satisfied with his response. I don’t know how (d) applies when the commander is of the merchant vessel, not the accompanying warship (which doesn’t exist in this case), however.

    And finally:

    Section IV, paragraph 136: « The following vessels are exempt from capture: … (e) vessels charged with religious, non-military scientific or philanthropic missions; vessels collecting scientific data of likely military applications are not protected…. »

  134. […] journalists who were on the ship; and that is much elegant than the IDF’s doctored audio, photos and videos that are meant to manipulate public […]

  135. Not quite sure what your stance on this, and no, I haven’t read 148 comments, BUT your repeated use of ‘anti-semitic’ is a bit meaningless in the context, I think. Jews don’t have a monopoly on being Semites. Arabs are too.

  136. dnf: Your interpretation of san remo is biased and wrong.

    shrooms: Weapons don’t have to be lethal. Besides, they don’t have to be weapons. It’s enough if they can be used by Hamas in the armed conflict against Israel.

  137. […] has published pictures of “weapons” and “war material” that they confiscated from the freedom […]

  138. That little knife you were making fun of, I would love to see how you would react if someone used that on you. Maybe you’ve never served in a military. Maybe you don’t realize how vulnerable someone is coming off a rope from a helicopter 30 feet off the ground. Maybe you think all the John Woo movies are real and you can fire machine guns with one hand while descending with the other.
    Then again, maybe you don’t know that they were ordered not to draw pistols until the first man had already been on the ship for 10 minutes. Maybe you don’t know that it is very likely there were weapons and military replacements on one or more of those ships. Maybe you don’t know that a peaceful ship carrying humanitarian supplies, who knows there is a blockade and that they will be inspected, put up a fight so that nothing would be discovered.
    Maybe you just don’t know. Strike that. You don’t know. Egypt and Israel, not exactly friends, BOTH have a blockade against those lunatic hamas people. They don’t do it for fun. There’s a reason. Maybe you should learn why.

  139. […] Israel is really not helping itself […]

  140. A powerful and persuasive argument Jon, to be sure.

  141. […] les commandos israéliens et le Mavi Marmara pour faire mal paraitre les activistes humanitaires, de produire de fausses photos d’armes saisies et de faux liens avec l’Al-Qaïda pour faussement incriminer sa victime et justifier son […]

  142. […] self-righteous outrage extends to the massive public relations strategy it undertook following the massacre on the Mavi Marmara. In his article How Israeli […]

  143. J’étais pas dans le navire et ceux qui étaient invités ne m’avaient pas envoyé une invitation pour témoigner.Vous savez la presse est une arme à deux tranchants.Avec une caméra et de faux témoins la victime peut devenir bourreau.Et puis l’État d’Israël pour sa sécurité et pour celle du peuple palestinien pacifique a le droit de surveiller tout ce qui transite à travers ses eaux territoriales.Une bombe atomique jetée quelque part en Israël ça causera aussi la fin de tousd les peuples arabes de la région une grande partie de l’Europe et d’Afrique du Nord. Considérons les Juifs comme une partie intégrante de notre histoire car Ils n’ont nulle part où aller Coran et Bible témoignent leur présence millénaire en Isdrael et en Judée.Ahmed hayzoun

  144. @Ahmed:

    Ibn Kafka se rejouirais de la destruction d’israel.

  145. […] As for Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affair’s evidence of weapons found onboard the ship, the technical data of many of the photos shows that they were taken long before the flotilla set off. […]

  146. !!??!!

  147. It is not anti-Semitic to question Israel because that country is not run by Semites, but rather the Ashkenazi (European) Jews. The real Semites are the Sephardic Jews and the Arabs.

    In 1948, Israel finally got what was promised to them by England’s Balfour Declaration, and with Britain’s help, stole the land from Palestine and the real Semites. And ever since then, the real Semites (both Jew and Arab) have been living in their AshkeNAZI death camp. And while the Sephardic Jews are tolerated in Israel, they are treated like second-class citizens. What a disgrace!

  148. Who is responsible for death on high sea

    The expedition was designed and organized based on Hamas and Hezbullah fundamental principle: old people and children ahead, criminals with weapon hiding behind them. Among old people they have Holocaust survivor, over 80 year old with definitely dead brain as he decided to demonstrate support to palestinian islamofascists who invented Holocaust 90 years ago and have been implementing it on daily basis since.

    The objective to deliver medical supply to Gaza, as organizes declared, was obviously fake. They could deliver it through regular UN delivery, but they refused. The organizes, GEORGE GALLOWAY and GRETA BERLIN, advertised that the mission is peaceful, but they knew that one ship had a group of armed bandits ready for action. CATHERINE ASHTON, HIGH REPRESENTATIVE OF THE UNION FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND SECURITY POLICY, and TURKEY PM ERDOGAN knew this and were involved in flotilla organization. The objective of this escapade was not humanitarian aid, but PROVOCATION against democratic state of Israel to create international uproar. It was preplanned, predesigned, paid for by their sponsors, EU SECURITY COUNCIL and TURKEY PM, who now lead a campaign against Israel.

    GEORGE GALLOWAY and GRETA BERLIN organized a criminal international enterprise to pursue the objective of promoting their personal political image as well as put bloody cash in their pocket. These people are international gangsters personally responsible for death and must be put on trail. CATHERINE ASHTON, HIGH REPRESENTATIVE OF THE UNION FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND SECURITY POLICY, and TURKEY PM ERDOGAN must be also held responsible for funding criminal entity, planning PROVOCATION against democratic country, and death.

    Mark Bernadiner, PH.D.

  149. Salam,
    If you care for the gazan people:
    a. Don’t send expired medication as this only cause trouble.
    b. make sure you deliver through the UN or the Red Cross because otherwise goods are being confiscated by Hamas which just sell them on to raise money and this never goes to the people who needs it.
    c. make sure it’s actually needed. A lot of people just assume everything is needed although many goods are being sold for half price than in egypt/jordan/lebanon because there is so much. So pay attention to what you choose to donate.
    d. don’t listen to Hamas and Abbas because they steal everything they can and never invest the money in us. A lot of us work in the Israeli settlements, when you ban their products you are actually causing our people to lose a lot of their jobs.

    Thank you
    Salim Abdul-Karem (writing from Gaza)

  150. « This might be precisely the huge difference regarding the key mainstream press and weblogs. The content articles or blog posts are nicely published and never corrected by an editor was. That may be the explanation why I appreciate to lookup for facts web sites. The responses are normally extremely original, we could all use much far more satisfaction studying. Please go on like this, it is worth. »

  151. Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?

  152. […] totally unarmed, were they? As you so helpfully inform us. Just as well you managed to photograph some of those really scary weapons they had with them. That scarf-type thing for example. I’d […]

  153. […] about 1 hour ago via webRetweetReply Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons […]

  154. […] taken from 2006 and earlier to represent the alleged weapons found aboard the Flotilla in 2010. These fake photographs of “seized weapons” offer much insight into the Israeli military’s […]

  155. […] taken from 2006 and earlier to represent the alleged weapons found aboard the Flotilla in 2010. These fake photographs of “seized weapons” offer much insight into the Israeli military’s […]

  156. […] blog post on 2 June 2010, with evidence attributed to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, here. And now, thanks to the link kindly supplied by nikkor1, below, there are also these […]

  157. […] les commandos israéliens et le Mavi Marmara pour faire mal paraitre les activistes humanitaires, de produire de fausses photos d’armes saisies et de faux liens avec l’Al-Qaïda pour faussement incriminer sa victime et justifier son […]

  158. Good analysis. But why would they publish this so obviously nonsensical? Cleary, one thing I can think of, is PR: first impression = the only important impression. When they release all these people, the story will come out anyway. And they still have to say something on the bodies.

  159. […] bilderna hade fotodatum flera år tillbaka i tiden. En bild så tidigt som 2003. Det blev en mindre bloggbävning; Hade den israeliska militären fejkat bilderna? Det kommer vi förstås aldrig att säkert veta, […]

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